At Connex Technologies we are committed to seeing your business grow and are always here to help with most of the technological challenges.

Who we are

Connex Technologies is a team of young and enthusiastic IT professionals who love what they do. Our main goal is to provide simple solutions for the complex issues that arise in today’s world of technology and business communications. 

Our Vision

With increasing technological challenges we realize just how important it is to have resources that are trusted, reliable, and are always available. At Connex Technologies we are a team of caring, thoughtful, and professional technicians who know and love what they do! We greatly value having strong relationships with people we work with. While working with our business clients, we understand how important it is to do our very best. Every day is an opportunity for us to show quality and professionalism. Starting out as a family based team, we are currently working in the Pennsylvania area but are looking to expand based on our clients needs. Our goal is not to cover more areas but to do our best where we are today. We will always stay local for you.

We are committed to seeing you and your business grow and are willing to come along side of you in your journey, by providing you with simple solutions for complex issues to make your day to day operations smoother.