Worry Free,
Managed Wi-Fi

Embrace a proactively managed Wi-Fi with
24/7 support and monitoring.

Focus on your business

No more hassle, no more worry. Connex Technologies provides a complete end-to-end Wi-Fi service that is proactively monitored to keep it reliable, secure, and fast. Our goal is to make sure you and your clients can focus on doing business without spending time on troubleshooting their internet connection.

Minimize cost,
Improve performance

Traditional approach to installing and maintaining WiFi can become costly. With our managed WiFi solution you will reduce cost, while dramatically improving your WiFi performance.

Client usage reports

With our cloud platform, we can provide you with a detailed analytics report any time you need it. This feature enables businesses to see much more in how their business operates. It provides a unique opportunity to monitor, analyze, and manage users that are connected showing their data usage information.

Great coverage

Having a well designed and planned installation will provide you with the coverage you will never have complaints about.

Wireless Network Design

Complete wireless network design and planning.

Wireless Survey

Wireless survey and signal strength analysis.


Complete installation of wireless network.

Wireless Heatmap

Heatmap survey showing Wifi coverage.

Home Wi-Fi Setup

Home Wifi installation and setup.


24/7 support and monitoring service.

How it works

Step 1


From a short site survey to a careful design, we provide you with the WiFi coverage that will not only match your business needs but help you grow in the future.

Step 2


Shortly after the survey, we will come to perform a new installation or modify your existing installation depending on what you already have.

Step 2


After the installation, our support and monitoring services will kick in. We will be proactively monitoring your network to make sure all essential aspects of your network are working properly. It is our mission to make sure you don’t worry about your WiFi. We will also serve your guests, providing them with WiFi support when they need help.

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