Unify Your Employees
Like Never Before

Connex Phone Service - The complete cloud phone system for business.

Designed For Your Business

Whether you just need additional one or two phones at your desk, or a custom phone system solution for all of your employees, we’ve got you covered! We are not just a generic phone service provider, we specialize in implementing a custom solution specifically designed for your business, to reduce unnecessary cost and make sure you don’t pay for the services you don’t need!

Remote Employees
One Phone System

Whether you have one office, multiple locations or remote employees that need to be able to make voice/video calls using their laptop, smartphone or tablet, Connex Phone Service will unify everyone and enable your company to function as a single unit. No more bulky and costly on premise phone system that is expensive to install and maintain. With us you just plug in your new phones and start using them. We will take care of the rest for you.

Fully Featured

Connex PBX is a fully featured business phone system. We do not limit your features like other companies do. With our phone system you get the following features and much more.

Connex Phone Service Benefits

  • Cost Effective – Our Cloud PBX can save you up to 50% off your phone bill and up to 80% off what a traditional phone system would cost.
  • Simple – No need to install and maintain an expensive and complex PBX at your office, just plug in your new IP phone and start using it. We will take care of the rest for you.
  • Flexible – Get as many extensions as you need now. Add more extensions anytime.
  • Reliable – No more downtime with a traditional PBX. Our Cloud PBX just works.
  • Secure – Both admin and user panels are provided through a secure SSL connection, as well as each conversation can be encrypted which provides a high level of security.
  • Any Device, Anywhere – If you have employees that need to be able to make voice or video calls using their laptop, smartphone or tablet by just dialing an extension, Connex Cloud PBX is here to enable you to have these features.

How It Works

  1. What is a cloud phone system? A cloud phone system is a phone system that works just like a traditional PBX but is installed and managed in the internet, providing even more features and flexibility while dramatically reducing cost.
  2. How does a phone connect to it? It’s very simple; just plug in your new IP phone into the internet connection and start using it. We will setup the rest in the cloud. 
  3. What is the migration process? The migration process is easy and straight forward. Just let us know what phone numbers you would like to port to the cloud, so you can keep the same number you always had.

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