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Connex Cloud PBX - The complete cloud phone system for business.

How it works

  • What is a cloud phone system? A cloud phone system is a phone system that works just like a traditional PBX but is installed and managed in the internet, providing even more features and flexibility while dramatically reducing cost.
  • How does my phone connect to it? It’s very simple; just plug in your new IP phone into the internet connection and start using it. You can also get a softphone app for your smartphone, tablet, or PC and use it as your office phone anywhere you are.
  • What is the migration process? The migration process is easy and straight forward. Just let us know what phone numbers you would like to port to the cloud, so you can keep the same number you always had.

Step 1

Sign up

Fill out a short form to tell us a little bit about your organization. This information will help us put together an accurate quote for you.

Step 2

Plug in your new phones

With our Cloud PBX, you won’t ever have to worry about installing or configuring your phone system. Just plug in your phones and start using them. We will setup your phone system for you, and work with you on how you want your extensions, call flow, and other configurations set up.

Step 3

You're good to go!

That’s it. Enjoy using your new phone system.