Unite your employees
like never before

Connex Cloud PBX - The complete cloud phone system for business.


Connex PBX is a fully featured business phone system. We do not limit your features like other companies do. Be sure to contact us if you have any questions about the features listed below.

Phone System

Fully Featured

Connex PBX is a fully featured business phone system. We do not limit your features like other companies do.

Cloud Hosted/On Premise

Both Cloud Hosted and On Premise PBX provide the same set of features that will unite your employees like never before.

Auto Attendant

Auto Attendants allow you to direct your customers to various parts of your organizations through easy to use push button menus.

Call Flow Control/Time Based Call Routing

Call Flow Control makes it easy to take control of your business hours. Need to open early or stay late? Simply press a button to keep calls flowing in. Need to leave early? Press the Call Flow Control Toggle on your phone and route all calls to your closed IVR or voicemail.

Music On Hold

Play music on hold to callers. Optionally use different classes of music on hold depending on which Queue a caller is in.

Company Directory

Empowers your customers to find people in your organization easily and connect directly to their extension.

End User

Extension Dialing

Just dial a few digit extension to reach another employee no matter where they are located.

Video Calling

Make a video call by just dialing a three or four digit extension and have a live conversation.

Ring Groups/Hunt Groups

Ring groups are a great way to share the distribution of incoming calls among employees. They are often used to efficiently distribute calls within specific departments such as Sales, Customer Service and Accounting. You can have all the phones in a ring group ring at once or set up a “round robin” approach where the extensions in the group ring in a specific order until the call is answered. Many more hunt group features are included.


See who is calling directly on your phone.

Paging and Intercom

Support for group paging through your telephone handsets or integration through your overhead paging system.

Voicemail Config

Simply log into your voicemail and walk through recording your greetings.

Voicemail to Email

Receive you voicemail messages in your email box and play them over your computer speakers


Soft-Phone Support

Stay connected wherever you are. You can use software on your personal computer and receive/make calls through your PBX.

Mobile App for Android

Stay connected wherever you are. You can use an app on an Android phone to receive/make calls as well.

Mobile App for IPhone

Finally, you can use an app on an IPhone to receive/make calls as well.


VPN Encrypted Conversations

With our phone system, each conversation is being encrypted which provides a high level of security.

Secure Admin/User Login

Both admin and user panels are provided through a secure SSL connection.

Cloud Hosted PBX

We rent cloud hosted servers for your PBX that are reliable and secure. No need to worry about spending money on an expensive hardware to run your phone system. Just plug in your new IP Phone and start using it, we will setup the rest in the cloud.